I love it tho, how Yana drew that one picture with Ciel leaning against a tiger and he was fine…no sneezing nothing.I don’t get it Yana….xD

Maybe he is just holding it in…..

It’s a hypo-allergenic tiger.

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My problem with the Two Ciels theory is that it’s just… too late for it?

We went through 12 or is it 13 volumes and suddenly at the end, surpriiiiise it wasn’t even that Ciel all this time?

Now go through those 100000 pages you read the past few years and see all those hints that it wasn’t even Ciel

I’d feel kind of … cheated

Like, if one of the first volumes was based on that then fine, but at the end?

Yer honestly I’d feel like Yana pushed me off a cliff. (It’s 19 volumes total so far, btw.) If it had happened 3-6 volumes in before the readers really have time to become emotionally attached to the characters, like with Sebastian - we know ‘Sebastian’ isn’t his real name as a demon - then it would have been fine, but 20+ volumes?

Plus, it’s kind of… A weird plot-twist to begin with, considering none of his family members seem to remember or even care if there was another kid?

And not only that— not even taking into considerations in-story reasons it can’t or at least shouldn’t happen— but it’s been done in two adaptations now (Kuroshitsuji II and the live action film). It wouldn’t be original at all.

Talk “2 Ciels theory sucks” to me.

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my mom watched Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus with me the other day
  • mom: So do they find the children at the end?
  • me: *sweats*


Tag your abortion stuff. It really upsets me.


when you blacklist something strictly but u still see it on ur dash bc people dont tag it


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look at this tangle of thorns